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Hamza Khan

Creative | Dot Connector | Sartorialist

Welcome to Casa di Sartoria. A passion project I started in 2013 as someone who had no business starting one. I was working as a consulting engineer at a major firm in Toronto, and needed an outlet where I could share my thoughts. My experiences. And my stories.

I felt like I was a creative trapped inside of a corporate monkey. Something needed to come out. What started as a simple love for dressing well to look confident snowballed into Casa di Sartoria.

The name is something I get questioned about time and time again. 

"It's not a store" is the most frequent answer I give. It's also not a place where you will find lots of reviews of brands or style tips. Not that I wouldn't offer my thoughts on those subjects, but I wanted this to be different. 

The name directly translates to "house of style," but I consider this a home for sartorial enthusiasts to share their stories and further their knowledge - on all facets and nuances of menswear. 

And not only that, but also the business of a brand and how they grow. What does it take to be successful - as a brand, influencer, or just as an enthusiast. We all have drivers for motivation, so why not learn from one another.

I really want to tap into issues, stories, and experiences that are off the beaten path. Some of these I get to create. While others are created by guest authors. Ultimately, my vision is for Casa di Sartoria to be a medium where everyone can share their stories - revolving around menswear and lifestyle. A place where folks can publish their ideas and perspectives. 

So what is the mission now?

Every day, our team actively looks for, and invites people to publish their ideas and perspectives on menswear and lifestyle. Influencers. Bloggers. Enthusiasts. And sartorially minded folks who have a story to tell. Posts span the full gamut - from sartorial experiences to the business of menswear.

There is a storyteller in every one of us. It just needs a little encouragement to break out of its shell. Let us be your motivation. 

Casa di Sartoria finds and publishes the best content for you, by you.

Unless noted otherwise, all photos and written content are the property of Casa di Sartoria. We do use photos and information from alternative sources when we can’t provide something suitable, but links to the original source will always be provided.

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